Julian Assange veröffentlichte gerade John McCains Emails, die ihn ruinieren werden – Assange Just Leaked John McCain Email That Will RUIN His Life!

Hallo, hallooooooo, guten Morgen, wach auf!

Gefunden in mainerepublicemailalert.com

IT’S OVER! Julian Assange Just Leaked John McCain Email That Will RUIN His Life! OMG! It’s over for John McCain! A WikiLeaks document just surfaced that exposes John McCain as the CRIMINAL TRAITOR that he truly is! (see below)

In case you forgot, it was John McCain who was responsible for the FAKE Russia dossier claiming Trump had ties to Russia and Russian prostitutes. He said possible Russian hacking into John Podesta’s email was an “ACT OF WAR.”

But a 2008 WikiLeaks document has just leaked showing that McCain was asking the Russians for illegal donations to his campaign. THIS IS A FEDERAL CRIME! WE [RUSSIA] HAVE RECEIVED A LETTER FROM SENATOR JOHN MCCAIN REQUESTING FINANCIAL CONTRIBUTION TO HIS PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN.

It is ILLEGAL for U.S. candidates to solicit foreign money.

Here he is BASHING Trump over FALSE connections to Russia and HE ASKED THEM FOR CAMPAIGN…

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